Data as a Service

Data as a Service (DaaS) provides trusted MOTOR data in secure, RESTful web services. Buy only the data that you need, choosing from 11 different data sets and 3 premium option services.

Whether you are creating repair estimates, managing a parts catalog, or building an e-commerce solution, the possibilities are endless with MOTOR DaaS.


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Faster new product development

  • No need for developers to learn how to relate disparate data sets, MOTOR has already created the relationships in the web services responses
  • Existing technology standards used for ease of development. (HTTP, XML)

 More development options

  • Data available at any time on demand, from any geographic location, on any device (including mobile devices)
  • Lower implementation cost makes it viable for low volume applications

 Reduced operating costs

  • No need for update management (downloading, processing, and applying updates), MOTOR applies data updates
  • No hosting and storage costs related to MOTOR content as MOTOR hosts the data

Developer Tools

Visit Developer Tools to explore the resources MOTOR provides to developers.

 Customer Service

  • Initial setup including credential management
  • Online case management system for technical support
  • Assigned account management